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Birthday Present From a Friend by BloodyEyes913 Birthday Present From a Friend :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 2 1 Penna Lv. 5 Akuma by BloodyEyes913 Penna Lv. 5 Akuma :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 6 0
Letter's to Devondra
Dear Devi,
    How are you? Grandpa is making me do all these things to prepare for when he passes. It's boring and I don't wanna be the heiress, but he says I have to. I wish you were still here so we could play again. Kami never plays with me, and brother's always helping daddy. I hope you come visit soon so we can play again. No one else seems to like me in our family and Grandpa says I can't play with the other kids because of my eyes, but I still sneak out at sunset and play in the garden. Please come visit soon Devi. I miss you.
    "I never did go back, and I was a fool to over look it until now. She looked up to me. She wasn't rubbing it in my face. She liked playing with me, and I was blinded by my own jealousy to see all she needed was a friend. It's the biggest regret I have to this day...and there's only one thing I can do. I'm sorry Elly, but it makes sense for what I'm about to do."
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Nano Song part 1 [Black Cat Fan-Fic]
    The night was cold from the rain that day, but Train was just fine. The cats he often fed were lying around waiting for more milk, while he stared up at the moon. It's almost been four years since he's been home, but with Creed missing and Cronos on the down low, it's the only time he felt going home was a good idea. Eve and Sven were relaxing at the the Cafe with Annette, and Rinslet was off on her own missions again. Train's mind soon drifted to the last time he was home, but quickly sat up with a start at the memory of her face.
    "Saya?" He sighed looking at the moon, "I wish you were here."
    The cats around him all looked up and began rubbing against him, as if in comfort. He sighed and slid into his room leaving his feline friends to disappear into the night. He threw his coat on the table and flopped down onto the bed. It wasn't long before he was closing his eyes and drifting off.
    "Train?" A light female's voice echoed before
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Twilight's Song part 5
    It was late by the time Cross returned to the exorcist in training. She was still practicing, but still had her eyes closed. Her movements were much more fluid and precise by this point. Cross stepped forward causing the ground to crunch under his feet. Before he knew it he face with Vek.
    "It's Cross," the innocence choked out.
    "Hello," Penna said motioning for Vek's return. "Did you need something?"
    Cross stared at the girl. "You're getting better I see."
    "Thank you...I guess."
    "Learn to take a compliment," Cross said as he stepped forward and pressed something into her hand.
    "What's this?"
    "It's food now, shut up and eat."
    Penna felt the flat item for a few minutes then bit into it. Bread? No...naan. She continued to eat while the red haired general briefed her on their next stop.
    "Next we'll be headed to India, and we'll be
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Twilight's Song part 4
    The train pulled up to the station and the group began to exit onto the platform. Suddenly Cross spun around forcing Devondra back onto the train.
    "What the hell?" She shouted as she fell.
    "I'll meet you in China...Penna needs to start her training with no distractions."
    "What are we supposed to do!?"
    "You'll think of something," he stepped back and waved as the train departed leaving Devi cursing a long line of expletives. Cross turned back to the girl standing behind him, "Now that they're out of the way we can begin."
    He took her arm and lead her through town to a grove near its edge, and let her go. He sat down on a rock and sighed, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. He waited a while smoking while Penna just stood there frozen, head drooped towards her feet.
    "Why are we here?" She finally asked.
    Cross stared for a moment then sighed again. "You need to train,
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Twilight's Song part 3
    A few days passed and the group bid farewell to Marie. They traveled for a while till they hit the border of Turkey. They settled down in an inn not far from the train station. Devondra and Kamiliah quickly retired to their room from the long day's journey while Penna and Cross wandered around town for a time. The girl held tightly to his sleeve as he lead her from place to place. By the time they returned to the hotel the sun was setting bathing the interior decor in a delicate orange glow. Vek closed the curtains as Penna began to leaf through the collection of clothes she had managed to obtain through Cross's antics. Choosing which ones to keep and what others to pawn off. She managed to pull on a Turkish robe before Cross pushed through the curtains into their room.
    He smiled and lit a cigarette, "Thats new. It looks good."
    The girl just looked at him and sighed, quickly pulling it off and dug for something else. It was no surprise that she
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Twilight's Song part 2
    "Royal flush," Devi smirked as she set down her cards. "Looks like I win, and my debt's paid."
    Kamilah grabbed xyr sister's bag, and they stepped out the door of the tavern, "Wonderful gameplay as always Dev."
    She nodded and began walking, "Kami?"
    "What is it Dev?" Xe said.
    "You don't think Cross really will abandon me, do you?"
    Her sibling froze in xyr tracks, "If he does I'll bite him."
    Dev gave a faint smile, "Thanks, Kami."
    The two walked along a little more before finding Cross talking on the phone at the trainstation. Penna was sitting on a nearby bench holding the general's suitcase, still wearing his coat, and looking down at the ground. The skull she was carrying around was balanced pretty well on her shoulder.
    "Yes, I understand." The general ran his fingers through his red hair. He was obviously agitated with the person on the other end. "I just need
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Twilight's Song part 1 (DGM Fan-Fic)
    It all started nearly 32 years ago. A baby girl was born into a highly regarded political family, known as the Asgards. She was given the name Devondra Pike, and her parents held her in a rather high position. Since she was the first born grandchild her parents proclaimed her the heiress to her Grandfather's fortune, despite his displeasure. About eight years later another little girl was born into Devondra's family, she was given the name Kamilah. Both girls were held in high regard for a long time, until Devondra turned 14. By that point many children were born into the Asgard family, and Devondra's place as the heiress seemed solid, till one fateful day when a new child was born. Many family members flocked to see the new infant after the birth, but the first to hold the child was the grandfather. Devondra remembered pale skin, white hair, and blood red eyes, the infant was albino, clearly not fit to stay in such a high standing political family. However when her
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Wings of A Chimera Ant part 9
    The opening to the ruins was almost ominous. The runes scrawled across the door frame gave everything a dangerous air. The applicants all stared up in horror as the examiners discussed other matters. It wasn't long before Kite walked over and tied a ribbon around Torpors tail.
    "This is to make sure your cat doesn't assist you. If she does we'll know." The man looked at Naga sternly, "If she does then you'll be disqualified."
    Naga nodded in fear of making the man angry, but the minute Kite's back was turned he sighed letting a light blush dust his face. Aria was talking with Shalnark and Wing trying to set up a game plan. When Naga joined the group he was bombarded with questions.
    "Can you read runes? What was Kite saying to you? Are they really letting you take Torpor along?"
    The boy shook his head before slapping his hands over his friend's mouths. "Chill out one at a time."
    Wing stepped forward laughi
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Photoshoot Blooper 2 by BloodyEyes913 Photoshoot Blooper 2 :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 0 0 Photoshoot Blooper 1 by BloodyEyes913 Photoshoot Blooper 1 :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 0 0 NatsuCon 2015 Cosplay Marriage (Wedding) by BloodyEyes913 NatsuCon 2015 Cosplay Marriage (Wedding) :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 0 0 NatsuCon 2015 Cosplay Marriage (Proposal) by BloodyEyes913 NatsuCon 2015 Cosplay Marriage (Proposal) :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 1 0 HxH Cosplay 29 by BloodyEyes913 HxH Cosplay 29 :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 0 0 HxH Cosplay 28 by BloodyEyes913 HxH Cosplay 28 :iconbloodyeyes913:BloodyEyes913 1 0


9S Booty censored by Smexy-Boy 9S Booty censored :iconsmexy-boy:Smexy-Boy 11 2 Killier Stalking by CrimsonSnows Killier Stalking :iconcrimsonsnows:CrimsonSnows 33 3 Fantasy Wolf by RikerCreatures Fantasy Wolf :iconrikercreatures:RikerCreatures 81 6 Jenna Green Eyed Fox by RikerCreatures Jenna Green Eyed Fox :iconrikercreatures:RikerCreatures 63 2 Lamento Beyond The Void: Konoe by Smexy-Boy Lamento Beyond The Void: Konoe :iconsmexy-boy:Smexy-Boy 17 2 Phosphophyllite by yuumei Phosphophyllite :iconyuumei:yuumei 10,814 264 Commission #83 by ImoonArt Commission #83 :iconimoonart:ImoonArt 16 7 Notte Stellata by Aoyain Notte Stellata :iconaoyain:Aoyain 46 3 [COMM] Reference sheet: Killzone321 by SkyGiratina00 [COMM] Reference sheet: Killzone321 :iconskygiratina00:SkyGiratina00 368 48 Commission - Manatee and Platypus Pond by Bon-AppetEats Commission - Manatee and Platypus Pond :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 100 6 Whale Shark Resin Pendant Necklaces by Bon-AppetEats Whale Shark Resin Pendant Necklaces :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 99 10 Commission- Realistic Purple Octopus Seashell Pond by Bon-AppetEats Commission- Realistic Purple Octopus Seashell Pond :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 165 10 Commission - Purple and Green Koi Frame Pond by Bon-AppetEats Commission - Purple and Green Koi Frame Pond :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 138 7 Bendy (BATIM) [+Speedpaint] by LittleKumaArt Bendy (BATIM) [+Speedpaint] :iconlittlekumaart:LittleKumaArt 44 16 AprilTheFurry's OC Gene - Get Drawn! by FlyingPings AprilTheFurry's OC Gene - Get Drawn! :iconflyingpings:FlyingPings 202 45 Frostkeeperthebeeper's OC Endless - Get Drawn! by FlyingPings Frostkeeperthebeeper's OC Endless - Get Drawn! :iconflyingpings:FlyingPings 222 34



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I have sadly decided to discontinue a few fan-fics.

    You Are...
    Twilight's Song
    Nano Song

I had been making these and working hard on them but due to a recent turn of events they will be falling back to make way for a new Fan-Fic series. Sadly it's not the Soul Eater one I was promising, but a new version of D. Gray Man. Sadly due to DeviantArt's guide lines I will not be able to post them on site but I can give excerpts and links to the actual fic. These chapters are going to take time to write since they'll be the length of books. I've been trying to work things around so everything could fall in place with the canon of the actual series. So thank you for your support this far, and the Soul Eater fan fic will be released at some point...I hope.
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