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Call me crazy
Call me insane
It doesn't matter to me anymore
Since the slander I put up with everyday
Rings through my ears when I try to sleep
I can't even close my eyes
Without seeing faces judging my every move
Judging me for my choices
And they don't even know me
So why do I put up with it
Why don't I judge them
They're people too
It doesn't matter if they judge me
They are already judged by others themselves
Who am I to judge when I don't know them
I won't judge
I refuse to judge
This world is supposed to be free
This world is supposed to be peaceful and kind
There was once a time when we wouldn't need to lock our doors at night
There was once a time when we could ask a simple question to a stranger on the street without getting mugged
What happened to us
We aren't who we used to be
We're all human so why don't we start acting like it
We're all the same
We all have blood coursing through our veins
We all have a brain that helps us make choices
So why don't we use them
Why do we ruin ourselves when we still have so much to learn from and gain
It's not society
Society doesn't exist
It's a figment of our imagination
It's what we think others will think of us
But what does that help us with in the long run
Who are we to say something is right or wrong
Thats judging whom we don't know
That seems to be all we do now these days though
I guess these walls are the only things that keep me safe
Not from others
But from the monsters we've become
I thought I loved you
The feeling I'd get when I would get to see you
I thought I loved you
The feeling I'd get when you'd kiss me
I thought I loved you
The emotions that held my hope when we were apart
I thought I loved you
And I thought you loved me

I thought you loved me
The way you'd act around me
I thought you loved me
The way you said I was special and different
I thought you loved me
The words you'd say to make me feel like the only one you loved
I thought you loved me
And I thought I loved you

I thought I loved you
Only to be used
I thought I loved you
Only to have our plans broken by "friends"
I thought I loved you
Only to let you crush my heart and throw me to the side
I thought I loved you
But I guess you didn't love me
I Thought it Was Love
This has nothing to do with my current relationship. It's just something I wrote because I was board sad and still neglected by my parents. I just wanted to write something to make myself cry cause I feel like I need to. I just need to cry but I can't. So there is definitely going to be tons of more sad stuff coming soon.
    "Her name was Ellena Asguard and we met in the orphanage before my aunt came to take me home. We were nearly inseparable, we would even sneak into each others rooms late at night and tell stories till we fell asleep. I remember one day some bullies threw a snake at one of the other girls in the orphanage and Elly beat them up. She was always so kind, and willing to help everyone. One day came when my aunt arrived to take me home, and she and I hid in the bushes behind the shed. We promised to be friends forever and write everyday. When we were dragged out Elly saw her brother had come to take her home as well. It turned out after their parents died they were separated. The last time I remember seeing her was being lead in the opposite direction as me still waving telling me not to forget to write. What changed her in those 10 years we haven't heard from each other?" Vincent sighed then realized he told Wisely too much.
    "So you're still worried about her." Wisely smirked, "Road and I already know you've been losing sleep as well. Same person?"
    "You know that's taboo for a Noah and an Exorcist to be together."
    "Neah doesn't seem to have a problem with it."
    "Oh, really tell me more Vincent please!!!"
    "No I already said too much now leave." With that he grabbed Wisely and threw him out the door. "What am I gonna do?" Vincent leaned against the wall slid down and cried.
    "Adam, I brought you dinner," Vincent said dejectedly.
    It's almost been a week since their run in with Neah, but Adam still hasn't come out of his room. Vincent would still be curled up from depression himself if Lulubell hadn't said anything. He could understand Adam's pain right now, maybe not to it's fullest extent but he could still say he was hurting all the same. Ellena...or...Penna now, had been his friend since childhood. What happened to her? She was even an exorcist, but that didn't help ease the pain at all. At this point all Vincent felt like doing was crying, but didn't want to appear weak to any of the Noah. To make matters worse someone came by the neither Adam, nor Vincent wanted to see.
    "Heya heard you had a run in with Neah." Wisely snickered uncontrollably.
    Adam let out a heavy sob from up the stairs. "Wisely, shut up or I'll turn Gamako into dinner."
    "You wouldn't dare cat boy." Wisely held his pet frog tightly, but making sure not to squish him. "Besides a little birdie told me you're in no fine shape yourself."
    "Let me guess it was Sheril, or maybe Road. I even have a feeling it could've been Jasdero and Devit."
    "No I read your mind."
    Shit Vincent forgot he could do that.
    "Now tell me Vincent who's this Ellena?" Wisely plopped down on the couch kicking up his legs and resting them on the coffee table.
    "Get your feet off that." Vincent hissed in disapproval.
    "Fine, geez, but you gotta tell me who she is."
    "Your an ass." Vincent sighed and fought with himself for the right words. "A childhood friend."
    "I see, so what?"
    "You can read minds why are you asking me to tell you what you could find in a matter of minutes?"
    "I don't want to deal with another headache again. I've already had 4 this week."
    "Oh, right." Vincent shook slightly with embarrassment and rage.
    "Come on fess up what have you been keeping from the Noah."
    Vincent took a deep breath and continued.
Yubikiri-Genman Part 5 DGM FanFic
This is for fun only no slandering please Vincent is my Girlfriend's OC and Ellena is mine.
    "Penna...?" A voice broke through the black void around her as Penna opened her eyes to see Allen leaning over her. "Oh thank God you're okay." Allen let out a heavy gasp of relief.
    "What happened?" Her voice was groggy and hard to understand but some how was clear to Allen.
    "I don't really know myself, other than the fact that Neah took over."
    Penna looked away and let out a sigh, as she rolled over and fell back asleep. Allen stood up and walked out the door, only to be met by Komui.
    "How's our little princess?" He said jokingly.
    "She seems fine, but something is off. She's never gone berserk like that before." Allen sighed and slid up against the wall. "What is she not telling us? It worries me Komui."
    "I do know someone who might know." Komui gestured towards his office door and lead Allen in.
    A tall man with red hair was sitting on the windowsill on the other side of the room. He looked in Allens direction only to be met with an angry glare. The man stood up and walked towards the two standing in the doorway.
    "Allen..." Cross said with his normal drunken slur. "It's nice to see you're awake."
    "Komui, what is HE doing here?" Allen hissed, "Last I remember you said you'd rather die than come back to the order."
    "Allen calm down, he's here to help us answer some questions." Komui rested his hand on the young boy's shoulder.
    Allen sighed and sat down in the chair near Komui's desk, and rested his head in his hands. "Then I guess we should begin," he said sitting up slightly.
    "Where should I begin," Cross asked surprisingly depressed.
    "When and where did you find Penna?" Allen pressed without hesitation.
    "It was a while back. Can't remember the exact day, but I did find her in the midst of a desolated building."
    "Not much help. Anything else that we should know?" Allen scowled.
    "Her hair was pure white bet turned black as I approached her."
    "Are you sure you weren't drunk?"
    "Allen, please." Komui stepped in.
    "It's alright, Komui, but I have to say I wish I was." Cross went pale. "The scene spread out before me, that day, was sickening."
    Allen froze, was Cross actually disturbed by something? What did he see? Unsure how to respond to the unnatural state of his master Allen pressed himself into the back of the chair. He sat quietly then dared to continue the conversation. "Do you know who she was before you found her?"
    Cross sighed and continued. "She didn't speak much, but I did manage to get that the head she was clinging to was her boss's. So I can only guess she was part of the child prostitution syndicate."
    "WAIT!!!! HEAD!?!?!?!?!" Allen slammed back into his chair knocking it over. "She had a head?"
    "Yes, but even I don't know what caused such destruction." Cross sighed and buried his head in his hands.
    "One more question master." Allen said walking to Cross's side. "What was her name before Penna."
    Cross looked at them and sighed, "You aren't going to like what you find about her. Her name was Ellena, Ellena Asgaurd."
    Ok, I admit it. I'm broke. I need money and the only way to do that is to get a better job or start selling my bottled charms. Since I don't see any point in looking for a new job with nanowrimo just 2 months away I decided to sell some of my bottled charms that I've been making for fun for almost 3 years. I set up an etsy account so please check me out once I get things set up. I'll be posting pics on here, facebook, and possibly google+ to try to drum up business. I'm still a writer, I just need to have a better source of income before I can pursue it full time. So please send me your support by buy my stuff once I get set up. It will help me so much.
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