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    "Her name was Ellena Asguard and we met in the orphanage before my aunt came to take me home. We were nearly inseparable, we would even sneak into each others rooms late at night and tell stories till we fell asleep. I remember one day some bullies threw a snake at one of the other girls in the orphanage and Elly beat them up. She was always so kind, and willing to help everyone. One day came when my aunt arrived to take me home, and she and I hid in the bushes behind the shed. We promised to be friends forever and write everyday. When we were dragged out Elly saw her brother had come to take her home as well. It turned out after their parents died they were separated. The last time I remember seeing her was being lead in the opposite direction as me still waving telling me not to forget to write. What changed her in those 10 years we haven't heard from each other?" Vincent sighed then realized he told Wisely too much.
    "So you're still worried about her." Wisely smirked, "Road and I already know you've been losing sleep as well. Same person?"
    "You know that's taboo for a Noah and an Exorcist to be together."
    "Neah doesn't seem to have a problem with it."
    "Oh, really tell me more Vincent please!!!"
    "No I already said too much now leave." With that he grabbed Wisely and threw him out the door. "What am I gonna do?" Vincent leaned against the wall slid down and cried.
    "Adam, I brought you dinner," Vincent said dejectedly.
    It's almost been a week since their run in with Neah, but Adam still hasn't come out of his room. Vincent would still be curled up from depression himself if Lulubell hadn't said anything. He could understand Adam's pain right now, maybe not to it's fullest extent but he could still say he was hurting all the same. Ellena...or...Penna now, had been his friend since childhood. What happened to her? She was even an exorcist, but that didn't help ease the pain at all. At this point all Vincent felt like doing was crying, but didn't want to appear weak to any of the Noah. To make matters worse someone came by the neither Adam, nor Vincent wanted to see.
    "Heya heard you had a run in with Neah." Wisely snickered uncontrollably.
    Adam let out a heavy sob from up the stairs. "Wisely, shut up or I'll turn Gamako into dinner."
    "You wouldn't dare cat boy." Wisely held his pet frog tightly, but making sure not to squish him. "Besides a little birdie told me you're in no fine shape yourself."
    "Let me guess it was Sheril, or maybe Road. I even have a feeling it could've been Jasdero and Devit."
    "No I read your mind."
    Shit Vincent forgot he could do that.
    "Now tell me Vincent who's this Ellena?" Wisely plopped down on the couch kicking up his legs and resting them on the coffee table.
    "Get your feet off that." Vincent hissed in disapproval.
    "Fine, geez, but you gotta tell me who she is."
    "Your an ass." Vincent sighed and fought with himself for the right words. "A childhood friend."
    "I see, so what?"
    "You can read minds why are you asking me to tell you what you could find in a matter of minutes?"
    "I don't want to deal with another headache again. I've already had 4 this week."
    "Oh, right." Vincent shook slightly with embarrassment and rage.
    "Come on fess up what have you been keeping from the Noah."
    Vincent took a deep breath and continued.
Yubikiri-Genman Part 5 DGM FanFic
This is for fun only no slandering please Vincent is my Girlfriend's OC and Ellena is mine.
    "Penna...?" A voice broke through the black void around her as Penna opened her eyes to see Allen leaning over her. "Oh thank God you're okay." Allen let out a heavy gasp of relief.
    "What happened?" Her voice was groggy and hard to understand but some how was clear to Allen.
    "I don't really know myself, other than the fact that Neah took over."
    Penna looked away and let out a sigh, as she rolled over and fell back asleep. Allen stood up and walked out the door, only to be met by Komui.
    "How's our little princess?" He said jokingly.
    "She seems fine, but something is off. She's never gone berserk like that before." Allen sighed and slid up against the wall. "What is she not telling us? It worries me Komui."
    "I do know someone who might know." Komui gestured towards his office door and lead Allen in.
    A tall man with red hair was sitting on the windowsill on the other side of the room. He looked in Allens direction only to be met with an angry glare. The man stood up and walked towards the two standing in the doorway.
    "Allen..." Cross said with his normal drunken slur. "It's nice to see you're awake."
    "Komui, what is HE doing here?" Allen hissed, "Last I remember you said you'd rather die than come back to the order."
    "Allen calm down, he's here to help us answer some questions." Komui rested his hand on the young boy's shoulder.
    Allen sighed and sat down in the chair near Komui's desk, and rested his head in his hands. "Then I guess we should begin," he said sitting up slightly.
    "Where should I begin," Cross asked surprisingly depressed.
    "When and where did you find Penna?" Allen pressed without hesitation.
    "It was a while back. Can't remember the exact day, but I did find her in the midst of a desolated building."
    "Not much help. Anything else that we should know?" Allen scowled.
    "Her hair was pure white bet turned black as I approached her."
    "Are you sure you weren't drunk?"
    "Allen, please." Komui stepped in.
    "It's alright, Komui, but I have to say I wish I was." Cross went pale. "The scene spread out before me, that day, was sickening."
    Allen froze, was Cross actually disturbed by something? What did he see? Unsure how to respond to the unnatural state of his master Allen pressed himself into the back of the chair. He sat quietly then dared to continue the conversation. "Do you know who she was before you found her?"
    Cross sighed and continued. "She didn't speak much, but I did manage to get that the head she was clinging to was her boss's. So I can only guess she was part of the child prostitution syndicate."
    "WAIT!!!! HEAD!?!?!?!?!" Allen slammed back into his chair knocking it over. "She had a head?"
    "Yes, but even I don't know what caused such destruction." Cross sighed and buried his head in his hands.
    "One more question master." Allen said walking to Cross's side. "What was her name before Penna."
    Cross looked at them and sighed, "You aren't going to like what you find about her. Her name was Ellena, Ellena Asgaurd."
    "Adam why are we here in Austria of all places?" Vincent asked sitting on the roof of a mausoleum.
    "A broker gave me a tip." Adam said leaning against the wall below vincent. "There have been a series of unexplainable earthquakes in this area. They've caused cave-ins at the local mines, taking multiple lives."
    "Sounds like innocence to me."
    "Exactly. Innocence and more potential Akuma." Adam floated up next to Vincent on a heavy breeze. "Looks like we have our first candidate now."
    Vincent turned to look at the graveyard entrance, to see a young woman dressed in black. She walked over to a new grave and set callalilies under the headstone.
    "Let's get to work." Adam smirked allowing his mask to form around his face.
    Adam advanced towards the woman only to be stopped by a cross-bow bolt whizzing past his head. Vincent and Adam both turned to see a black cloak with white trim. Vincent jumped down from the roof, "Exorcists."
    "Stay away from her Earl." Allen jumped over the wall next to the hooded exorcist.
    "Oh?" Vincent smirked.
    "Wait...what the." Allen fell to his knees holding his head.
    The hooded exorcist ran to his side, blowing the hood back allowing black hair to cascade over her shoulders. ", are you alright?" Penna asked.
    "Yes, thank you darling." Allen's skin faded grey, his hair deepened to a dark brown. "Hello, Adam. It's been a while." Neah stood back up and smirked. "Still walking around in the fat suit I see."
    "Neah?" Adam stammered.
    Vincent noticed Adam begin to shiver then fall to his knees. He looked back to Neah and the young woman next to him. There was something familiar about the female at his side.
    "Penna," Neah smiled, "now it's time to show me what you can do."
    "Yes Neah." With a slight flick of the wrist Penna pulled a glaive out of her coat.
    Quickly advancing Penna readied her blade only to be stopped short by Vincent. Their eyes met and time stopped for Vincent. He saw something glint in the light of the moon around the woman's neck...a pentacle.
    "Ellena?" Vincent gasped.
    Penna froze, and glared at Vincent. "Who are you?!" She hissed.
    "Ellena, do you not remember?"
    "My name isn't Ellena."
    "Elly stop messing around."
    "Don't call me that!"
    "Elly it's me..."
    "MY NAME ISN'T ELLENA!!!!" Penna yelled, and her hair turned white. She vaulted herself backwards slamming into the side of a building nearby. When the dust, smoke, and rubble cleared Penna was holding a scythe.
    "Oh dear, Penna please don't flatten anymore villages or the order will get on Allen's, and your asses." Neah pouted from the side lines.
    With a single glare Penna launched herself at Neah only to be knocked back by Allen's sword. She went flying yet again but this time reduced almost three buildings to rubble in result. What was going on? Why was Ellena acting this way? What happened to her? Vincent then did a double take...Ellena was part of the Black Order, associated with Neah, and tried to kill Adam in his weakened state. What happened to her in the 10 years they were apart? He looked back only to see Neah holding her against the ground. She was thrashing like a mad dog under Neah.
    "Calm down Penna." Neah was saying tightening his grip on her wrists. After a minute or so she went limp and her hair turned back to black. Neah hoisted her over his shoulder and turned to Adam and Vincent. "Sorry I couldn't stay and play longer, but my apprentice needs some rest." Neah sighed and ran off, leaving not only Adam crying, but Vincent as well.
    At the Black Order Allen was sitting across from a young woman with hair blacker than the night. "Penna, what's wrong...aren't you hungry?" Allen shoved another spoonful of curry rice into his mouth after each question.
    "Yes, just thinking." She responded before picking up her spoon.
    "Did Neah say something again...or was it Vek?" He asked still shoving food into his mouth, but still managed to point at her bracelet.
    "No, it wasn't either of them." She sighed and looked at her wrist. "He's been pretty quiet lately, now that I mention it."
    "I don't know if that's good or bad. I can't talk to my innocence."
    "I know..." Penna was quickly cut off by a voice out of no where.
    "Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm not here." Her bracelet tightened around her wrist.
    "Ouch! Vek stop it." Penna dropped her spoon and began struggling with the bracelet, trying to loosen it.
    Allen jumped towards her grabbing her arm. "Vek, we were just talking leave her alone."
    "Fine," her bracelet went slack.
    "Thanks Allen." Penna let out a sigh of relief, and rubbed her wrist.
    "You're pretty good at keeping a parasite type at bay." Allen said looking at his arm.
    "I don't even know how I do it, to tell you the truth."
    "Well, we might need to go see Havloska if he's attacking you." Allen reached out his hand and pulled her up out of her seat.
    "I guess your right." Penna sighed again.

    Komui was standing on the platform waiting for Allen and Penna, ready to take them down to Havloska.
    "Did something happen again?" Komui asked worried.
    "Vek attacked me again." Penna said looking away.
    "You really are something else Penna." Komui said under his breath as he looked away. "Let's hope Havloska can at least give you some advice."
    The platform stopped and the white monster-like figure glowed in the darkness. "Penna, what can I help you with?"
    Penna stepped forward and held up her arm. "Vek attacked me again."
    "I see," Havloska continued. "When you first came to the order with General Cross, I knew not what your innocence was, nor its power. It is still a mystery to me, however it shows some human consciousness being able to talk to you, and react to its own apparent emotions. That is something not many other pieces of innocence are capable of."
    "I understand," Penna sighed dropping her arm to her side.
    "But you are not like any accommodater either. Vek is a parasite type, but he has not attached to you. Somehow you are able to keep him at bay, and attach him when needed. You are strong Penna, and you must learn how to use that strength to its fullest. Other than that there is not much more I can tell you."
    "Thank you Havloska. That's more helpful than you think." Penna turned and walked back to Allen's side.
    "Both of you have become close it seems. Treat each other well." With that Havloska faded back into the darkness.
    Allen let off a light blush as his eyes met Penna's, but she just looked away and gave a slight nod to Komui. While ascending Komui turned to Allen. "I would like to see you in private Allen."
    "Y-yes sir." Allen stuttered.

    Once in Komui's office the tall, older man turned back to Allen. "I understand that you and Penna have grown close, but don't let that get in the way of your missions."
    "I don't think you need to worry about that." Allen sighed leaning against the sofa in front of Komui's desk.
    "And why is that?"
    "She's made it very clear that I'm like her older brother. So no matter how I feel about her I'll never be seen differently."
    "I see. That would explain why she went berserk when we tried to put her in a room by herself. Sir Kamlen still hasn't been able to clean up the mess." Komui sobbed lightly.
    "Do we know anymore of her background yet."
    "No, but we do know that Penna Tikal is not her real name. It was a nickname given to her by Cross and she refuses to go by anything else now."
    "I see, so I just wonder...who is she really?"
    "I fear only time will tell Allen."
    "Either that or Cross. He has to know something." Allen received a slight shiver from thinking about his former master.
    "Yes, but General Cross has gone missing again, so we can't just ask him."
    "I understand that as well."
    "Alright Allen, be safe and I'll brief you on your next mission tomorrow."
    "Thank you Komui," Allen bowed and walked out the door.
Yubikiri-Genman Part 2 DGM FanFic
Yeah yeah yeah....I get it. Two chars that don't exist in DGM in one story. What am I thinking....well I'll tell you. I made it with my girlfriend in mind. Her OC is Vincent and mine is Ellena. Our fav anime to watch together D. Gray Man and we've rp-ed with these OCs several times already. This is not true in anyway shape or form to the manga. I do not own DGM or Vincent Faust. Oh and Please no haters.

Check out my Girlfriend's page here ===> Link
    Ok, I admit it. I'm broke. I need money and the only way to do that is to get a better job or start selling my bottled charms. Since I don't see any point in looking for a new job with nanowrimo just 2 months away I decided to sell some of my bottled charms that I've been making for fun for almost 3 years. I set up an etsy account so please check me out once I get things set up. I'll be posting pics on here, facebook, and possibly google+ to try to drum up business. I'm still a writer, I just need to have a better source of income before I can pursue it full time. So please send me your support by buy my stuff once I get set up. It will help me so much.
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